Is it safe to have a zipline or any High and Wired activity at my event?

High and Wired has a high-qualified team that strictly follows the EN15567 rope course Standards. Safety is a priority that we will never compromise on. Contact us to have a look at our risk assessment.

Is there any minimum or maximum size for a zipline?

There are no size restrictions for a zipline! From 10 meters to a few kilometers, we can adapt our ziplines to your vision.

How much will a zipline cost to build?

The installation and the running costs depend on the project itself. Size, structures, time… We work hard to make our activities affordable without sacrificing safety. Contact us to get a free quote!

I want to offer something different to my clients. What do you suggest?

Free fall, Zipline, Swing, Human Slingshot… Got an idea but need support? Need inspiration? Contact us and let’s talk about the best way to make your event unique and unforgettable.